The Importance of Self-Care

When is the best time to start eating right, exercising, and working on reducing the impact of stress in your life? Right now, says Ellen Berkowitz. 

As a doctor specializing in psychiatry, Ellen has seen the impact of a lack of proper “self-care” in herself and her patients. She shares some simple techniques and practices you can use for your own self-care plan at home.

The result is a better quality of life – and health – now and as you get older. And that’s just as important to your retirement as the financial side of things. It’s never too late and you’re never too old to starting take care of yourself

We go into detail on self-care strategies, including…

  • The right way to meditate… even you don’t think you can do it at all
  • Easy stress reducers you can start today
  • The importance of rest and sleep to your brain function and physical well-being
  • How to combat the sometimes “self-imposed” physical limitations that come with age
  • And more

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Staying Flexible in Education, Your Career, and Life

When it comes to retirement planning, what you want can be very different than what you really need. The same goes for many things in life, says Dr. Jim Murdaugh. We get into the nitty-gritty of that philosophy.

Since this week’s guest is president of Tallahassee Community College, we also cover his first-hand experiences in how the college experience is changing.

Jim came to that role after a long career in local and state law enforcement, where he had a variety of roles. As he likes to tell those just starting out… life isn’t a straight line. He has some tips for embracing that fact.

We also cover…

  • Applying a results-driven approach to financial planning… and life
  • The benefits of making a job your mission
  • Why you should never view your competition as an “enemy”
  • The “disruptions” that are impacting higher education and Florida’s job market
  • The value of lifelong learning

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A Secure Retirement Method to Deal with Financial Threats

Many people think they are taking all the right steps toward a long retirement full of time with family, travel, and relaxation. Unfortunately, there are many financial threats to your retirement plans – some you can see, some that are invisible until they take away income and assets. To make matters worse, too many folks have assumptions about their current retirement plan that are just plain false.

But you can plan and prepare for these threats, even the unexpected ones, to protect your retirement funds. And you can cut through the misinformation out there. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here, and the solution is not to simply buy more financial products.

It takes a personalized plan, and you must take action ASAP.

Listen now to discover…

  • The 4 biggest threats to your retirement right now
  • How taxes can impact your retirement plans in ways you didn’t know
  • Why you need to go through a “retirement rehearsal” right now
  • A 4-part plan for creating an effective retirement plan (or fixing your current one)
  • And much more

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7 Mistakes Most People Make When Planning for Retirement

You’ve done the planning you need for your ideal retirement… or have you?

There are several factors outside your control that will impact your savings and payments from Social Security, a pension, or retirement plans. But you can prepare for these issues so the effect is less drastic.

And you can make sure you’re not making critical mistakes right now with your pension, healthcare, and more that could sabotage your retirement dreams.

Listen in to find out…

  • The consequences of underestimating your life expectancy
  • What you should consider first when retirement planning
  • The “silent thief” that robs your retirement savings and payments
  • How to make sure you’re not overpaying your taxes (most people are)
  • The two factors that, over time, ensure that your money doesn’t go as far in day-to-day life
  • The unexpected way you can lose your life insurance

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Health for a Better Retirement

Retirement is not just about money. Physical fitness is also key.

My personal trainer Jason Harville shares easy ways you can stay fit, no matter how old you are… especially if you have any issues, conditions, or injuries.

This is not about becoming a bodybuilder. Rather it’s achieving a standard of fitness that incorporates flexibility, cardio and strength for better overall body function. That’s key to truly enjoying a long and healthy retirement.

Find out…

  • The most important benefit of having a personal trainer
  • The 3 elements of any successful fitness plan
  • Exercises you can do right now to improve health
  • A diet plan that makes sense in the real world
  • The simple exercise you should do if you sit a lot at work or at home

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Preparing for Life’s Unplanned Events

Trial lawyer Gary Anton had a tough – but rewarding and very accomplished – career in the legal profession. It taxed his personal life, but he had some good times along the way.

At the height of his career a serious but unexpected near-death medical emergency changed Gary’s outlook on life and how he did his job. Not to mention it compelled some serious action with end of life planning.

Gary shares how he adapted professionally and financially to his new reality.

Listen in to find out…

  • The retirement planning you need that you don’t know about
  • How health can impact your career and life – and how to make needed changes
  • Financial planning you need for potential tough times
  • Ways to take care of your surviving loved ones
  • And more

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Creating an Effective End of Life Plan

Marylin Stallworth’s husband, Bill, died unexpectedly in October 2014.

The couple, married 50 years, had been enjoying a comfortable and secure retirement thanks to following through on sound financial planning.

But they had left a few key parts out of their plan that made a traumatic time for Marylin even worse.

In this episode, she shares what she would have done differently, what she’s doing to improve her end of life planning to help her son, and what actions she says you should take right now to make your loved ones’ lives easier when you pass away.

Listen to discover…

  • The power of the Living Balance Sheet
  • How to make sure your financial accounts are up-to-date (they might not be)
  • The questions a funeral home will ask that your loved ones should know
  • The 4 elements you must keep in mind for end of life planning
  • And more…

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How A Life Coach Can Help You

You’re stuck. Perhaps in your job or business. Or you can’t seem to stay on track with your weight loss goals. Maybe your finances are a mess.

Modern life throws a lot at us. But whatever is holding you back… you don’t have to go it alone.

Connie Clark, of Striving Forward Coaching, is a life coach. And she shares how professionals like her help clients get from wherever they are now to where they want to be in their lives.

Tune in to find out…

  • The crucial differences between a life coach and mentor
  • Why your goals must be measurable, reasonable, and achievable
  • The key to success in any coach-client relationship
  • How to determine if you need a coach… and how to find the right one
  • And more

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