7 Mistakes Most People Make When Planning for Retirement

You’ve done the planning you need for your ideal retirement… or have you?

There are several factors outside your control that will impact your savings and payments from Social Security, a pension, or retirement plans. But you can prepare for these issues so the effect is less drastic.

And you can make sure you’re not making critical mistakes right now with your pension, healthcare, and more that could sabotage your retirement dreams.

Listen in to find out…

  • The consequences of underestimating your life expectancy

  • What you should consider first when retirement planning

  • The “silent thief” that robs your retirement savings and payments

  • How to make sure you’re not overpaying your taxes (most people are)

  • The two factors that, over time, ensure that your money doesn’t go as far in day-to-day life

  • The unexpected way you can lose your life insurance

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Preparing for Life’s Financial Threats

Most people aren’t looking for an extravagant lifestyle.

They want to buy a nice home, own a reliable car, save money for their kids’ – even grandkids’ – educations, and put away enough money for a comfortable retirement.

That’s a good life.

To ensure that happens you need to prepare now for the biggest financial danger to your retirement. It’s a danger that many suffered from in the 2008 economic crisis… and the problem hasn’t gone away.

Fortunately, you can safeguard your retirement by following some simple guidelines.

Listen in to discover…

  • The 4 P’s you need in place now for a comfortable retirement

  • Why protecting your money always comes first

  • How to create a living balance sheet to guide your financial decisions

  • When term life insurance or whole life insurance is best for you

  • The reason cash is not king anymore… and what you should focus on instead

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Financial Issues Impacting Members of the Florida Retirement System

For members of The Florida Retirement System, the decisions you must make to optimize your retirement income can be complicated and confusing.

In this interview, John Curry breaks down the key considerations and decisions that are unique to FRS members.

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Planning for FRS Members

In this deep interview, Marjorie Scheolles, one of my clients, grills me and I share...

  • The four big threats to your Secure Retirement

  • The four options under the Florida Retirement System

  • Our approach to structuring a Secure Retirement Plan, which you can use yourself, with your current advisor, or with our team.