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The Impact of Taxation

In this minute today together, we’re going to talk about the impact of taxes on our financial planning and retirement planning. Most people are paying too much in taxes, and they don’t really know how much tax is taking away from their wealth. You see, every dollar you lose to taxes is a dollar you […]

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Planning for Healthcare and Long-Term Care

One of the things I focus on with my clients is planning for healthcare and long-term care services. I find that most people have not given that enough thought. When I ask people what their number one concern is in retirement, they tell me the cost of health insurance and long-term care. Many retirees pay […]

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Social Security and Pension Plans

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of news articles in the press, whether it be television, radio, newspapers, magazines, about government retirement programs, specifically Social Security and public pension plans. At one time in our country’s history, people focused on taking care of themselves. However, it seems today that we’re becoming more of an entitlement society. […]

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Inflation—A Silent Thief

Let’s talk about the silent thief—inflation. If you ask ten people what they think the inflation rate is, I bet you’d get ten different answers. In reality, we all have a different personal inflation rate, because it really depends on how we use our money. If you have a tendency to travel and spend money, then […]

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Underestimating Life Expectancy

It’s been said that every ten seconds a baby boomer turns age sixty. This started in January 2006. Now, I don’t know if it’s every ten seconds, twenty seconds, or thirty seconds. The point is, the baby boomers are turning age sixty and now, of course, sixty-four into 2011. This is going to happen for […]

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Helping People Prepare for Secure Retirement

Hi, this is John Curry. Recently, a friend asked me why I focus on helping people prepare for a secure retirement. I thought I’d take just a minute or two and explain that. My obsession and passion, if you will, for helping people prepare for a secure retirement, the why, goes back to my grandfather […]

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