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What does your dream retirement look like?

For Bill and Donna Elliot, it was an once-in-a-lifetime trip in a motorhome… a voyage that had them zigzagging across the U.S. full-time for two years and 24,000 miles.

Bill, a retired architect, and Donna, who had worked in the legal field, were ready for a break after long successful careers. And they had a lot on their bucket list, like a NASCAR race in Indianapolis, Niagara Falls, Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and a baseball game in Pittsburgh.

They explain how they prepped for the trip… but also how they were able financially to make it work.

Listen in to find out…

  • Tips for transitioning from work to retirement
  • The role of an advisor in organizing your finances
  • Why now is the time to indulge in something you’ve always dreamed of
  • How to untangle yourself from your old day-to-day routine
  • And more…

Listen now…



Preparing for Life’s Financial Threats

Most people aren’t looking for an extravagant lifestyle. They want to buy a nice home, own a reliable car, save money for their kids’ – even grandkids’ – educations, and put away enough money for a comfortable retirement. That’s a good life. To ensure that happens you need to prepare now for the biggest financial […]

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Financial Issues Impacting Members of the Florida Retirement System

For members of The Florida Retirement System, the decisions you must make to optimize your retirement income can be complicated and confusing. In this interview, John Curry breaks down the key considerations and decisions that are unique to FRS members. Listen now…

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How to stay engaged and excited about life (even in retirement) – Dr. Charles Nam

This is a fascinating interview with WWII veteran, pioneer of population study at Florida State, and now a master his own retired life, Dr. Charlie Nam. Charlie shares his keys to staying engaged and excited about the future, even in retirement.

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Planning for FRS Members

In this deep interview, Marjorie Scheolles, one of my clients, grills me and I share… The four big threats to your Secure Retirement The four options under the Florida Retirement System Our approach to structuring a Secure Retirement Plan, which you can use yourself, with your current advisor, or with our team.

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The Living Benefits of Life Insurance – Betty Hodges

Meet Betty Hodges as she tells her story of how her life insurance is delivering value to her right now, while she’s still living. You may not have known life insurance can do this…

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Facing Florida Interview on the Future of Retirement Plans with Mike Vasilinda

Want more detailed information to help plan your secure retirement? Attend my next workshop: Click here to register

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The Impact of Taxation

In this minute today together, we’re going to talk about the impact of taxes on our financial planning and retirement planning. Most people are paying too much in taxes, and they don’t really know how much tax is taking away from their wealth. You see, every dollar you lose to taxes is a dollar you […]

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Planning for Healthcare and Long-Term Care

One of the things I focus on with my clients is planning for healthcare and long-term care services. I find that most people have not given that enough thought. When I ask people what their number one concern is in retirement, they tell me the cost of health insurance and long-term care. Many retirees pay […]

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Social Security and Pension Plans

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of news articles in the press, whether it be television, radio, newspapers, magazines, about government retirement programs, specifically Social Security and public pension plans. At one time in our country’s history, people focused on taking care of themselves. However, it seems today that we’re becoming more of an entitlement society. […]

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