florida retirement system

Financial Issues Impacting Members of the Florida Retirement System

For members of The Florida Retirement System, the decisions you must make to optimize your retirement income can be complicated and confusing.

In this interview, John Curry breaks down the key considerations and decisions that are unique to FRS members.

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How to stay engaged and excited about life (even in retirement) – Dr. Charles Nam

This is a fascinating interview with WWII veteran, pioneer of population study at Florida State, and now a master his own retired life, Dr. Charlie Nam. Charlie shares his keys to staying engaged and excited about the future, even in retirement.

Planning for FRS Members

In this deep interview, Marjorie Scheolles, one of my clients, grills me and I share...

  • The four big threats to your Secure Retirement

  • The four options under the Florida Retirement System

  • Our approach to structuring a Secure Retirement Plan, which you can use yourself, with your current advisor, or with our team.