Staying Flexible in Education, Your Career, and Life

When it comes to retirement planning, what you want can be very different than what you really need. The same goes for many things in life, says Dr. Jim Murdaugh. We get into the nitty-gritty of that philosophy.

Since this week’s guest is president of Tallahassee Community College, we also cover his first-hand experiences in how the college experience is changing.

Jim came to that role after a long career in local and state law enforcement, where he had a variety of roles. As he likes to tell those just starting out… life isn’t a straight line. He has some tips for embracing that fact.

We also cover…

  • Applying a results-driven approach to financial planning… and life

  • The benefits of making a job your mission

  • Why you should never view your competition as an “enemy”

  • The “disruptions” that are impacting higher education and Florida’s job market

  • The value of lifelong learning

Listen now…

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