Creating an Effective End of Life Plan

Marylin Stallworth’s husband, Bill, died unexpectedly in October 2014.

The couple, married 50 years, had been enjoying a comfortable and secure retirement thanks to following through on sound financial planning.

But they had left a few key parts out of their plan that made a traumatic time for Marylin even worse.

In this episode, she shares what she would have done differently, what she’s doing to improve her end of life planning to help her son, and what actions she says you should take right now to make your loved ones’ lives easier when you pass away.

Listen to discover…

  • The power of the Living Balance Sheet

  • How to make sure your financial accounts are up-to-date (they might not be)

  • The questions a funeral home will ask that your loved ones should know

  • The 4 elements you must keep in mind for end of life planning

  • And more…

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