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Inflation—A Silent Thief

Let’s talk about the silent thief—inflation. If you ask ten people what they think the inflation rate is, I bet you’d get ten different answers. In reality, we all have a different personal inflation rate, because it really depends on how we use our money. If you have a tendency to travel and spend money, then […]

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Underestimating Life Expectancy

It’s been said that every ten seconds a baby boomer turns age sixty. This started in January 2006. Now, I don’t know if it’s every ten seconds, twenty seconds, or thirty seconds. The point is, the baby boomers are turning age sixty and now, of course, sixty-four into 2011. This is going to happen for […]

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Helping People Prepare for Secure Retirement

Hi, this is John Curry. Recently, a friend asked me why I focus on helping people prepare for a secure retirement. I thought I’d take just a minute or two and explain that. My obsession and passion, if you will, for helping people prepare for a secure retirement, the why, goes back to my grandfather […]

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